Learn what to expect in the days, weeks, months, and years after hearing the words,“You have cancer.”

It's Definitely Breast Cancer

In the summer of 2012, devoted mom and wife Sharon Ratchford was diagnosed with an exceptionally aggressive form of breast cancer. Nothing could have prepared her for this, as is the story of many women (and even men) diagnosed with breast cancer. The coming of this diagnosis is fast, unexpected, and often leaves you thinking, “Now what?” Amidst telling her own story of surviving triple negative breast cancer, Sharon has compiled the resources you will need immediately after a diagnosis all the way through the years following treatment in this easy-to-read guide, It’s Definitely Breast Cancer: First-hand experience of what actually works and the journey getting there.

Sharon traveled from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, compiling advice from medical professionals in the cancer community, research from trusted experts, and helpful first-hand tips from those who have experienced the assault of cancer. It’s Definitely Breast Cancer gives readers:

  • Questions to discuss with your medical team before, during, and after a cancer diagnosis
  • Advice for what to expect during surgery, recovery, treatment, and the months that follow
  • A guide to understanding your pathology report, nutritional needs, and genetic testing options
  • Encouragement from one mom to another and the important role of faith during your cancer journey

This balanced combination of resource and reflection will encourage anyone unsure of what to do after hearing the words, “It’s definitely cancer.”


sharon ratchford

Sharon Ratchford earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Clinical Social Work. She was working on her Doctorate and teaching adjunct at the local university when she was diagnosed with cancer. More importantly, Sharon is a mom, wife, daughter, and Christian. Before learning she had triple negative breast cancer, she was like most other moms—very busy. Now, along with personal and professional accomplishments, Sharon is an author and breast cancer survivor. She lives in Chattanooga, TN, with her amazing daughter, entertaining husband, and two adorable mutts.


about the author

Hello, I’m Sharon! When I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, the doctors gave me notebooks filled with information that, honestly, I had no energy to sort through. Right from the beginning I wrote—I wrote about the surgeries, treatments, side effects, medicines, emotions, and the day-to-day life of breast cancer. And then after it was all finished, I researched and wrote some more.

It’s Definitely Breast Cancer covers everything from questions to ask your oncologist to wig care. It combines all the information I wish I had known in a concise, easy-to-read guide. It’s Definitely Breast Cancer also tells my story—the fears, the joys (yes, joys), and even horrors of having breast cancer. It’s a combination of my experiences and the information I compiled just for you, all written with a little humor, some encouragement, and a lot of love.

Since recovering from all the surgeries and treatments, I’m back to normal, whatever normal means. But just because I’m now in the post-treatment stage of breast cancer doesn’t mean the story is over. My research carries on, as I continue to test new hair products, visit treatment centers in Chattanooga, and stay up-to-date on new developments in the cancer community.

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Chattanooga native and breast cancer survivor Sharon Ratchford shares the information she wishes she knew in her debut book, It’s Definitely Breast Cancer: First-hand experience of what actually works and the journey getting there. A combination of resource and reflection, Sharon’s story is meant to encourage and inform those at any stage of breast cancer.

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Learn what to expect in the
days, weeks, months, and years
after hearing the words,
“You have cancer.”